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The Unconventional Journey of Hanna Nuss: From Corporate Strategist to Aligned Entrepreneur

Hanna Nuss ventured into entrepreneurship in a way few would recommend. Leaving behind her corporate job as a business strategist, she decided to write, podcast, and build a business full-time—despite not knowing exactly what that business would be. For many years, Hanna faced numerous failed ventures and struggled to complete a book. The undefined nature of her work proved too taxing on her ADHD brain. The freedom she needed to create clashed with the structure required for success, resulting in many unfinished projects.

In an effort to save herself from frustration, Hanna created a simple task planner, The 5 & Five Planner, to help manage her day—something she had never been taught to do. Committing to this planner and its daily management method, she began to see success. Within two months of structuring her days consistently, she completed her first book, The Death of a Dream. Two months later, she self-published the book and simultaneously opened a storefront to support local brands and revitalize Iowa Main Streets.

The planner enabled Hanna to consistently practice entrepreneurship while managing the needs of her ADHD brain. For the first time in her entrepreneurial journey, she achieved enough consistency to see success. Now an author and serial entrepreneur, Hanna enjoys expanding her own brand and helping other local brands grow.

On a mission to help dreamers achieve their dreams, Hanna remains steadfast in her belief that by focusing on changing the world outside our door, we can see a significant shift in how the world operates. Through small, seemingly insignificant changes, we can change the world.

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