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Local. Foundation believes in the essential role rural communities play in the vitality of all Iowans.

Grow Brick & Mortar Businesses

Local Foundation works to support the success and sustainability of brick-and-mortar businesses, providing resources, guidance, and opportunities for growth and prosperity.

Synergize Communities

Our aim is to cultivate strong, interconnected communities by facilitating collaboration, communication, and mutual support among residents, businesses, and organizations.

Develop Rural Destinations

Local. Foundation is committed to transforming rural areas into vibrant destinations by fostering economic growth, cultural enrichment, and community engagement.

Create Warm Welcomes

We strive to ensure that every individual, visitor, or newcomer feels a sense of belonging and hospitality within our communities, fostering inclusivity and warmth.


At Local. Foundation, our mission is clear: we aim to recognize, reward, and empower individuals who are dedicated to the growth and prosperity of their rural communities. Through our innovative approach, we establish Destination chapters, which serve as hubs for organic, community-led initiatives focused on fostering positive change across Iowa's rural landscape.

By prioritizing people over profit, we enable grassroots solutions that address the unique needs and challenges faced by rural communities. Through collaboration, education, and resource allocation, we empower local leaders to drive sustainable development and create lasting impact where it's needed most. With Local. Foundation, the future of rural Iowa is in good hands, guided by the passion and commitment of those who call it home.

Welcome to Destination Denver, the inaugural chapter of Local. Foundation dedicated to enhancing the vibrancy of our community through synergy, policy advocacy, engaging events, attraction initiatives, and warm welcomes. 

At Destination Denver, we believe in harnessing the collective power of our residents, businesses, and organizations to drive positive change. Through collaborative efforts and innovative strategies, we aim to create an environment where everyone feels welcomed, connected, and empowered to contribute to the growth and prosperity of our hometown. Join us as we work together to make Denver an even more vibrant and thriving place to live, work, and play.

Destination Denver IA

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