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Local. Pub. Co.

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At Local Pub. Co., we recognize the unique hurdles rural Iowa authors encounter when navigating the publishing world without established networks. That's where we step in. By choosing to publish with us, you're gaining access to a supportive platform dedicated to empowering local voices. Our personalized approach ensures that every author, regardless of their connections, receives the attention and resources needed to bring their story to life.

But we're not just another publishing company. We're agents of change. By prioritizing the perspectives of our state, we're not only providing a platform for authors; we're reshaping the narrative landscape of Iowa. Your book isn't just a publication; it's a catalyst for possibility, inspiring and empowering fellow Iowans with every turn of the page.

So why Local Pub. Co.? Because with us, your voice matters. You're not just a name on a manuscript; you're an integral part of a movement that's redefining what's achievable for rural authors in Iowa. Join us, and let's rewrite the story together.

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Hanna Nuss

Self-publishing was a daunting journey I tackled alone. Having Local Pub. Co. by my side transformed the process entirely, championing my work and elevating every aspect of my project.

Abbey Gelner

Local. Pub. Co. help my dream of becoming published reality. Not only did they have confidence in me and supported me through the whole process. They made connections possible to being my journal from idea to production. Even through set backs that would have likely led me to give up. I was constantly motivated to keep going. 

Brittney Weber

Thanks to the support and guidance of Local Pub. Co., I achieved more progress on my book than ever before. For the first time, I felt empowered and confident in my ability to see this project through to completion.

Amplified Local Voice

Share your unique story or perspective with a platform dedicated to showcasing the diverse voices and narratives of Iowa, ensuring your message reaches a receptive local audience.

Collaborative Publishing

Experience a personalized and collaborative publishing journey, where you'll work closely with our team of Iowans to bring your vision to life while benefiting from our expertise and support every step of the way.

Community Connection

Forge deeper connections with fellow writers, readers, and the local community as your book becomes part of a broader conversation about Iowa's culture, heritage, and identity.

Tailored Support

Receive tailored support and resources including marketing assistance, distribution channels, and promotional opportunities, to help maximize the impact and reach of your book within Iowa and beyond.

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Unleash the potential of Iowa's narratives and inspire boundless possibilities.

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