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  • 5 & five 6 Month Daily Planner | Author Hanna Nuss |  Local. Denver

5 & five 6 Month Daily Planner | Author Hanna Nuss | Local. Denver

Expected Early Summer 2024

Meet Hanna Nuss, a true inspiration in the world of entrepreneurship. In 2019, she bravely embarked on a journey to build her own business while battling the challenges of being a recovering workaholic and living with attention-deficit disorder.

Despite seeking freedom and independence, Hanna found herself lost in a sea of unfulfilled ventures, lacking focus and direction. The disorder seemed to control her life, leaving her frustrated, drained, and on the brink of giving up as time and money slipped away.

But then, in 2021, everything changed. A mere 15-second video entered her life, and it was a catalyst for transformation. It suggested a simple yet powerful concept: you should accomplish five things a day.

From that moment on, Hanna's life took an exciting turn. With newfound determination, she began achieving her daily tasks consistently, igniting a sense of accomplishment that she had longed for. Her workday no longer felt like an endless struggle, but rather a canvas for success.

Hanna's resilience and newfound focus led her to create the remarkable 5 & Five journal, a testament to her creative genius and determination. But her achievements didn't stop there – she also penned and published her first book and successfully launched her own business within a single year!

Hanna's story reminds us that even in the darkest of times, a single spark of inspiration can ignite a powerful fire of change. She shows us that with the right mindset, dedication, and a simple daily routine, incredible dreams can become a reality.

Embrace the power of consistency, take control of your time, and witness the magic that unfolds when intention meets action. Your dreams are within reach – Change the World

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