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The Grace to Grow: Supporting Small Businesses to Rebuild Rural Communities

The essence of community lies in grace, feedback, and the opportunities for growth that arise from them. I feel incredibly grateful for all the brands that sell in my shop and the many people who have trusted me with their dreams. While my approach may be imperfect, I rely on second chances and the grace and humanity of those around me.

I value that the people who work with me appreciate the human element of our collaboration. We understand that choosing to work with humans means accepting imperfections, as we all have our own moments of imperfection. When we engage with small businesses, we accept these imperfections and take on the responsibility to provide constructive feedback and second chances.

The learning curve for a bootstrapped small business is steep and swift. By choosing to support small businesses, we embark on a journey of growth alongside them. It takes a special kind of person to support small businesses—someone who is human enough to embrace the challenges and rewards that come with it.

I am beyond grateful to work with individuals who value relationships and connections above all the other options available. Their support and understanding have enabled me to improve my offerings over time, leading to the growth of my business.

Without the chance to correct my mistakes, I would never have had the opportunity to get it right the second time. I understand that this is a lot to ask, especially when large companies and their robots can achieve near-perfect results almost all the time. However, I am deeply appreciative of the chances I've been given because, with each opportunity, I have managed to improve.

To all the brands that have shown me the grace to grow, I am forever grateful. I hope everyone who chooses to work with small businesses will extend the same understanding and support. This grace is crucial for nurturing the businesses that are essential to rebuilding and revitalizing our rural communities.

A photo of Local. on a mission to rebuild rural America.
Local. Expand Local Brands. Build Iowa Main Streets.

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