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Celebrating Community: The Birth of Local.

Every great idea has its own story—a journey of inspiration, dedication, and a heartfelt desire to make a difference. Local. is no exception. It's a tale that began with a simple yet profound realization: the most profound connections often lie within the embrace of our own neighborhoods and towns.

Meet Hanna Nuss, the creative force behind our story. As a writer, she saw the beauty in the intimate connections formed within her community and the state of Iowa. While the allure of global recognition beckoned, Hanna remained steadfast in her commitment to staying true to her roots. She knew that her message wasn't meant to echo across the world; it was meant to resonate deeply with the people of Iowa.

With this vision in mind, Hanna embarked on a mission—to create something more than just a gift shop. She envisioned a platform that would amplify the voices of local businesses and creators, while fostering meaningful connections between them and their communities.

And so, Local. was born.

Through Local., Hanna isn't just sharing her own story; she's empowering others to share theirs. She's creating a space where small businesses, artisans, and entrepreneurs can shine brightly, where the essence of community is celebrated, and where the heartbeat of Iowa pulses vibrantly.

To all the dreamers, innovators, and champions of community out there, we extend an invitation to join our movement. Let's build something extraordinary together—one connection, one story, and one community at a time. Because when we come together with passion and possibility, there's no limit to what we can achieve.

Welcome to Local.—where community thrives.

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