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Gravel Roads & Silos by Hanna Nuss

In the heart of Iowa's embrace,

Where silos kiss the sky with grace,

I found my truth, a quiet space,

Amidst the gravel roads, a sacred place.

Three years ago, a snapshot caught,

Of landscapes vast, with stories wrought,

Yet tired of labels, I once fought

,To break free from the box they sought.

But on this day, a spark ignites,

Within my soul, newfound delights,

For in simplicity, my spirit alights,

And in Iowa's essence, my heart takes flight.

For Iowa's more than meets the eye,

Beyond the silos that pierce the sky,

It's in the whispers of fields that sigh,

That I find my truth, where dreams defy.

So here's the photo, a moment frozen,

Of gravel roads and skies unchosen,

Yet in its beauty, my heart's awoken,

For Iowa, my home, remains unbroken.

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